Ichthyologist netted once in a lake and caught 25 fish. He marked them and threw them back into the lake. Next day he netted again and caught 30 fish. Two of them were marked. Then the Nobel a prize nominee blew up the lake with a pack of dynamite. How many fish rose to the surface?

Bill and Hill divorced three years ago. Bill lives in Moro and works in Hamlin. Hill lives in Hamlin and works in Moro. Bill and Hill left their offices at the same time and drove home at a constant speed. When they met on highway at 6 p.m., Hill gave Bill a middle finger salute, as usual, and arrived at home 40 minutes later. Bill arrived at home 30 minutes after 7. At what time do they close their offices?

Purple Heart is U.S. Army medal is awarded to anyone
a. wounded by an enemy action while in service
b. who has shot himself in a foot while in service
c. who has killed enemy soldiers while in service
d. who has killed enemy women and children while in service

This war hero did not get a Purple Heart medal
a. Timothy McVeigh
b. John Kerry
c. John McCain
d. Bob Dole

The White House desires to try for crimes in court
a. Slobodan Milosevic
b. Bill Clinton
c. Bob Kerrey
d. Fidel Castro

John Kerry married Teresa Heinz for
a. her money
b. her beauty
c. her wisdom
d. her virginity

Teresa Heinz pledged to build
a. a bridge connecting women's health and environment
b. a bridge in 21 century
c. the "Big Dig"
d. a ketchup empire

The Chinese released the 24 American servicemen
a. For the White House diplomacy
b. Because of Jesse Jackson's intent to go to China
c. Because of the proposal to exchange the servicemen for Bill Clinton
d. Because of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's analysis of the China crisis on TV

FBI Director Louis Freeh describes as the biggest crime in history
a. Serb's actions in Kosovo
b. Communist's actions in Cambodia
c. Nazi's actions during WWII
d. Communist's actions in Russia

"C"-word stands for
a. Clinton
b. cunt
c. cigar
d. corruption

Whose Line Is It Anyway? "I feel your pain"
a. Clinton
b. dentist
c. masochist
d. sadist

Al Franken wrote the book
a."Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot"
b."Ted Kennedy Is a Big Fat Idiot"
c."Hugh Rodham Is a Big Fat Idiot"
d."Calista Flockhart Is a Big Fat Idiot"

George W. Bush apologized for speaking
a. at Bob Jones University
b. at Long Cabin Club
c. with Jesse Jackson
d. with Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy accused in lying, being racist and a traitor
a. John Ashcroft
b. Marc Rich
c. Bill Clinton
d. Adolph Hitler

Congressman Henry Waxman looks like
a. a rat
b. a rabbit
c. a racoon
d. a gazelle