Al Franken

Al Franken was born into a poor Jewish family of manufacturer in New York in 1951. It were years of the blacklisting and anti-Semitic witch-hunt conducted by Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Al's Grandpa was in prison for cheating on wartime regulations. When Al was four, Frankens moved to Minnesota. At the dinner table Frankens would talk about history and politics. Anti-Semitism began fearing its ugly head in America in the 1890s. The Johnson Act of 1924 reduced Jewish immigration to a trickle of several thousand refugees a year. Despite legal equality and various commitments to protect minorities , the Jews suffered discrimination in all walks of life. The Republican party, people like Storm Thurmond, and George Bush, and Robert Bork, did reject a law that made it a crime to refuse to serve a Jew. Al's Mom and Dad would compare it to the Holocaust. His Mom would smile and kind of bat her eyes involuntarily, which she'd do when she hates someone. Mom was a Democrat. Al's Dad never graduated high school. Al and his brother were the first members of the family to go to college. High school was nightmare for Al. Classmates mocked and beat a small Jew Al. He did not date in high school. Sex ad classes were Al's favorite. He has had three hundred and twelve masturbations in high school. Al was taught about his reproduction rights. But it was not easy. Finally, Al found Franny, a woman, who was about to undergo brain surgery. They married. The surgery was unsuccessful. They are still married. Al was lucky to meet the First Lady. His conversation with Barbara Bush was as the following:

Al: My goodness, you're old.
Barbara Bush: Through you.
Al: Well, how old are you?
Barbara Bush: Through you.
Al: You already said that. I swear, you must be the biggest pussy on God's green Earth.
Barbara Bush: Through you.
Al: My God, you are an old, old creature, aren't you?
Barbara Bush: Through you.
This got Al thinking, “She is cruel.”
Al was lucky to touch Clinton's. Al feels that Clinton is our best president because he played touch with him. One night, getting ready for bed, Al proudly explained the touch play to his wife. Franny put down her book. "Honey," she said, "you're not going to play touch with the President."
"I might."
"I just don't want you to be disappointed."
By the next day Al found himself in a huddle with the President of the United States. Two things really struck Al: red-face and a dick! Mainly, the President wanted to get the little kids involved. The President knelt down, but before he could open his mouth, Al said, "I have a play." Bill said, "What?!" Then he shrugged, "Okay." It was beautiful. What a dick!