Exclusive interview of Bob Shitter with Sen. John Killy (D).

by Anatoly O. 09/10/2001

Bob Shitter: The big story this week seems to be that the surplus has vanished while Bush was on vacation. The size of the tax cut is to blame. Was the tax cut a mistake? John Killy: The accidental president must acknowledge that the tax cut, as currently structured, is going to bleed the surplus in an irresponsible way over the course of the next 10 years. This has been a horrible week for the Bush White House. They have blown the surplus. There is no money left for education or for defense. They just announced the highest unemployment rates in nine years. The illegitimate president Bush has an economic plan that is one of the most serious mistakes the federal government ever made. The president is going to add $1 trillion of debt to this country over the course of the next six years and an additional $600 million of interest. Under the president's plan, he will use $500 billion of Social Security money just for the items in his own budget and that Congress has already passed in the budget resolution. And there is $1.1 trillion to $1.9 trillion in things that are almost automatic that Congress will want to do. The President must come forward with a new budget, because the current budget basically does not reflect current or future economic conditions.

Bob Shitter: We've never understood how much a good educational system costs. Testing and accountability and all the things the president is talking to improve the schools are nice. But it's all small stuff, really. Why is Bush so reluctant to spend money on education? John Killy: According to scientific report, selected president Bush has lowest IQ, 91, of all presidents of past 50 years. The House and Senate versions of ESEA are similar in many important respects. Neither bill would authorize private school vouchers. Both would allow some states and local school districts added flexibility in the use of federal funds, but not to the extent sought by Bush and conservative Republicans.

Bob Shitter: The president announced his decision to limit federal funding for stem cell research. But if he reads history, he will know that history remembers those who climbed the mountain, not those who stayed home in fear of the unknown. What do you think the fallout from his decision on stem cell research? John Killy: Well, as I said publicly, I was very disappointed in his performance. Millions will die from Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer and heart ailments, if Bush would not reconsider his policy.

Bob Shitter: In more than 40 years of reporting, I've never seen anyone make the kind of mess that Bush made of his environmental policy. What do you think is going to happen speaking of the U.S. role in the world on energy and environment? John Killy: The global warming could cause some Pacific nations to disappear beneath the ocean; Florida will be actually flooded by tsunami.

Bob Shitter: The Bush administration is intending to give the Chinese a green light to modernize and expand their missile force and test missiles, apparently in exchange for some kind of a nod of agreement about our missile defense program. Is this a good idea? John Killy: I am a Viet Nam war hero. I would not like to see the Chinese expand their nuclear capability. I think this really symbolizes, how distorting this missile defense idea can become.

Bob Shitter: Right. Senator, thank you very much.