Bush is in trouble again

By Anatoly O. 07.17.2001

The Pentagon's successful missile-defense test boosted criticism of the planned controversial missile defense shield. Very influential chairmen of Armed Services committee Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, and North Korean officials, rejected the arrogant, unilateralist, and aggressive argument by the Bush administration, that there is no need for negotiated consensus where it is America's direct interest.

NMD threatens world arms control efforts. Since the US became the only world military and economic power, every country has to build its own defense to escape the Serbia's fate. The implementation of U.S. Missile Defense Shield will spread nuclear weapons around the World.

The following has been amended on 07.18.2001 by the author.

It does not matter to the Serbs, that they were bombed because NATO officials wanted to keep their jobs, or that the American military needed to test new weapons in battle conditions, or that generals wished decorations and promotions, or that the White House had domestic problems. Serbs understand, that the US destroyed their economy and now is trying to destroy their national spirit, forcing them to betray their leaders, because Yugoslavia did not have a couple of missiles with nuclear warheads. All countries in the World understand, that to protect their sovereignty, they will need dozens of missiles with nuclear warheads, not a couple, if the US will have Missile Shield.