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Help is on the way

By Anatoly O. 07.05.2001

Rush Limbaugh was absolutely right today, when he tied the decrease of the gasoline price during the last month to the power change in the Senate. One month ago the power shift gave to Democrats the control of the Senate and chairmanship of its committees. The energy industry has been hard hit. Shares of all major power providers have suffered sharp losses since. The day after Jeffords announced he would become an independent, shares of companies that market and trade wholesale energy fell by an average of 3.2 percent, while independent power producers' shares slipped by about 3.8 percent, according to Williams Capital Group.

Big oil servants lost control of the Senate to people, who love children and women. The threat worked better than actions. When Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan became the chairmen of Armed Services committee, the big oil companies understood, that they couldn’t unpunishably rob working Americans anymore. The gas price in Michigan is 50 cents cheaper today, then one month ago.