Kim Jong-Il is calling Fidel Castro: "Hi, Fidel. Be careful. Bush is changing regimes with WMD."
Castro: "It's OK. I don't have WMD."
Kim: "But he changes regime first, then looks for WMD."
Anatoly O. - 4/16/2004

The liberal mantras:
"We like America, we just don't like G.W. Bush, American corporations and American military."
"We like Christians, Muslims and Jews, we just don't like organized religions."
"We like Jews, we just don't like Ariel Sharon and the Israeli aggression against Palestine."
"We like freedom of speech, we just don't like Ann Coulter."
"We like blacks, we just don't like Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas."
Anatoly O. - 5/3/2004