The Bush Administration is Hiding the Truth

by Anatoly O. 08.30.2001

The Bush administration has somewhat of a paranoia with secrecy. President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney left the White House for a month-long “vacation”. While Bush is in Crawford, Texas, and Cheney is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, squads of agents inspect and replace chimneys and carpets, ceiling vents and doors, furniture and paintings. Even outside complexes, balconies and stairways were getting a power inspection. The goal is to get rid of bugs, presumably placed by previous administration.

There were closed-door meetings and secret negotiations in the White House. The Bush administration refused to comply with a General Accounting Office's demand to turn over information about Dick Cheney's hush-hush energy task force.

The White House is not Bush’s house, it is the people's house. The people of America have the right to know what is going on in their house.