George W. Bush has broken his promises (part 2)

by Anatoly O. 03.31.2001

During the campaign, George W. Bush promised to cut funding for cancer research, but this woman, Ms. Ginsburg, is still sitting in the Supreme Court.

Bush promised to give the Oscar to Bo Derek, but Big Mouth Julia Roberts got it. (Our source in White House informed us, that it was Laura's intrigue.)

Bush promised to cut prescription drug program to decrease carbon dioxide production by senior citizens, but their population is still increasing.

We see Bush surrounded by children every day, but where are the casualties? Maybe he will be more successful, when a bunch of them will play T-ball on the White House South Lawn.

Bush promised to watch "The Patriot" with La Pierre and Heston, instead he invited the Kennedys to watch "Thirteen Days".

So why has the press given Bush so little heat for saying one thing and doing another? They're happy to ignore his promise breaking, as long as the proposals were ill-considered and outlandish in the first place.