George W. Bush has reversed promises he has made during last year's presidential campaign

by Anatoly O. 03.18.2001

During the campaign, George W. Bush promised:

Less than two months into his tenure, President Bush followed his father's lead and shattered campaign promises. Bush talked down the economy and destroyed people's personal savings. The nation's biggest moneybags, including investors George Soros and Warren Buffett, William H. Gates who is father of America's richest man, Teresa Heinz and her husband oppose President Bush's plan to cut taxes. Among 14 Cabinet Secretaries there are only 5 white men. Bush has selected black lawyer Ralph Boyd to head the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. The private school voucher plan is dead.

So why has the press given Bush so little heat for saying one thing and doing another? They're happy to ignore his promise breaking, as long as proposals were ill-considered and outlandish in the first place.