Computer programmer Hanssen is a victim of an anti-Russian conspiracy

by Anatoly O. 03.17.2001

Robert P. Hanssen, the veteran FBI agent, was accused of spying for Moscow. Will sufficient evidence be ever found to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt? There is not a single, solitary shred of evidence that he did commit espionage. There certainly is no evidence that he took any money. It will never be proven.

But the real question is: did Hanssen provide the KGB documentary material for money? Nothing that we've got right now points directly to that. And it's very hard to prove without having wire transfers or somebody's personal statement or having a lot of circumstantial evidence. As I understand the law, if you want to prove espionage, you're going to have to have a telephone conversation or an e-mail or something like that. You can throw out all the innuendo you want, but we have laws in place to protect citizens. You can chatter away all you want, but in the end you've got to prove something.

A former CIA officer Aldrich Hazen Ames was arrested in 1994. To save his wife, he pled guilty to having committed espionage as an agent of the KGB and SVR. Nine months after he was branded a threat to national security and put in solitary confinement, Los Alamos nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee was set free with an apology from a judge. Officer King consistently contradicted claims of espionage while being subject to long periods of interrogation (up to 15 hours), denial of counsel, and extremely abusive conduct by military investigators. The only clear violations in this case were committed by over-zealous investigators, who wildly misconstrued the case from the outset and then struggled to create evidence to fit an unfounded and implausible theory. Former Director of Central Intelligence Deutch stored sensitive information on his unclassified computers. In fact, Deutch, King, Lee have all been accused of espionage, not a one thing was ever proven. And now Hanssen is accused. They grew up into the corrupt world. They made mistakes. They learned from their mistakes.

The bottom line here is, the Cold War is over. President Bush has said, “let's move forward.” Let's move forward with an agenda to fight drugs, with an agenda to protect Americans from terrorist's threats. We really should be looking forward rather than backwards. Hanssen just wants to be left alone.

Is anyone going to really think that anybody is capable of finding the facts here? Come on. Get on with your life.