Fetal Cell Research is a Necessity

by Sophia Batson 07.19.2001

The current debate over fetal cell research borders on the absurd. Why should aborted fetuses not be used for research??? Should the fetuses just be rendered to the fate of medical waste or does it not make more sense to have them put to good use. If medical researchers feel that fetal cell research is an avenue that has potential benefit for humanity then they should be allowed to forge ahead without all the legal debates and hullabaloo they face.

The moral dilemma surrounding this issue is encountered both by pro lifers and those who advocate abortion. For some reason some people find the idea of using an aborted fetus for medical research abhorrent.

The primary issue that pro lifers have with fetal cell research is the belief that abortion is both unethical and immoral, and they wish that they could make Roe vs. Wade disappear with the snap of a finger. Pro lifers are obviously entitled to their position, and abortion is one of those inflammatory issues about which everyone has a strong opinion, be that pro or anti. However, as long as abortion remains legal and the remnants of this procedure continue to be disposed of as medical waste, allowing the waste to be used for a purpose that could have great benefits for humanity should be a simple decision.