Truth And Views


The goal of the Journal is to publish accurate and important news and interesting views. The vast majority of media does not intend to inform the public, but to entertain or to advocate a favorable ideology with the ignorance, bias and self-deception. Political writings are largely the defense of the indefensible. Citizens are unable to find a drop of truth in the flood of intentional and ignorant lies. Pundits deny facts, replacing them with feelings, opinions, predictions, speculations etc.

The language is abused. Tax cut is called spending; shoveling money into useless government programs is called investment. Dropping bombs on civilians from safe heights is called heroism; sacrificing own life to destroy enemy's military ship is called cowardice. Ted Kennedy, Henry Waxman, Steven Spielberg are as antisocial as fleas. Clearly, such people are undesirable, and a society in which they can flourish has something wrong with it.

Truth is seldom pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter.

The Journal attracts and collects honest and intelligent articles.

Liberal views found in this journal may or may not be offensive to right wing conservatives and members of organized religions.

Conservative views found in this journal may or may not be offensive to liberals, socialists, communists, anti-Christian bigots and agnostics.

We are always looking for intelligent views. If you would like to write for the journal, please contact the publisher.